Everydog enterprises is the title used to keep all my crazy creative shenanigans together. It is a registered company waiting to have a lucky break and establish a foothold in any one of the markets, analogue or digital, games, art or books.

And while Everydog enterprises is keeping busy with the analogue games and digital art, Everydog digital is developing ideas and games for applications targeted at devices.

Lee in the mirror

As each year comes and goes, another set of crazy ideas makes its way through my thoughts. Some become projects, some get archived to be recycled later. Those that became projects can be discovered here.

A childish curiosity that never died and hopefully never will. Intrigue keeps pushing me further but at the same time distracting me and leading me in different directions…doomed to be a creative generalist for life! Yes doomed, we all know that my world adores specialists, as I have discovered, time and time again. Most truly have no idea what they can do with a “Lee”, it seems I have become my own worst enemy.

So, what can I do? I can do the things mentioned above and more if required or requested. Things anyone could do with the same intentions and stubborn determination to pull that particular project off, whatever it may be, at that particular moment. It Seems however, that there are less of us with that instinct and inclination than I thought and we somehow adopt the title of talented neglecting the years of work that went in to honing what we do.

I do not see myself as talented, in fact I do not regard myself to be highly skilled in any particular direction to be honest. I have tried a lot of things, you know “given it a shot”, and succeeded on many levels too. It is this experience in trying things that has given me an insight, a manner, a way of looking at things that might be just a little different than usual. Like the fact that my main aim is to progress far enough to be able to pay those more skilled than I to make our dreams reality… until then I will be developing as many projects as possible as far as I can to give us a head start when the opportunity arises.

It is also this experience that others seem to confide in when they need advice both on a personal and professional level, something I am very proud of. So welcome to me and my kind of crazy, welcome to Everydog enterprises.

Awards & erkenning

Amsterdice Family Game of the Year 2019 

“Sneaky Ol’ Dragons”

3rd prize Ravensburger Tiptoi Game Design Challenge


3rd prize Zuiderspel Game Challenge